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I remember when this girl first walked onto set, she was so little and nervous, and I knew exactly how she was feeling. I walked straight up to her, hugged her and told her I was happy she’d joined the family. Ever since then, I’ve been proud to call this beautiful girl one of my best friends. She’s always there when I need her. Love you Becca. ♥
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Selly Baby. :)
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♀ Finding Out ♂


Dianna could not believe that it was finally time to find out what their little Thing 3 was going to be. She already had an idea of what she was going to have but honestly was not certain about it. She was like a little kid on Christmas eve;she could barely sleep the night before, to excited to find out.

The next morning she ate breakfast with her husband and the twins, smiling at the fact that Chord took the twins to get ready. She cleaned up the dishes from breakfast and quickly cleaned the kitchen. She went upstairs and began to get ready. She slipped on a simple tank top, sweats and her flipflops. She waddled over to Samuel’s room, leaning on the doorframe, watching Chord get them ready. “I am ready when you three are.”

Chord could tell that Samuel and Melody were excited about getting to find out too since they’d been talking about it all morning. He thought it was funny that Samuel wanted another sister and Melody wanted another brother. Nash had always wanted another brother and all the girls wanted more sisters in his house. And that’d always seemed to be the way it was in other families too. Their family must just be different, just the way he liked it. 

As Chord was getting the twins and himself ready, letting Melody down to go pick out what shoes she wanted before getting Sam’s and putting them on his feet then kissing his cheek before letting him down to play. “Samuel, don’t get dirty.” He warned, turning to Melody and taking her shoes as she brought them to him, helping her put them on then kissing her cheek. “There ya go, babygirl.” He smiled, looking up at Di and nodding his head as she came in. “We’re ready.” He said, watching Sam come over to him, picking him up and sitting him on his other hip. “Let’s go.”

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♀ Finding Out ♂

Chord was never one to sleep, but of course that was nothing new since he usually only slept once a week, if that, even as a kid. Last night was no different. He’d been awake, thinking about what was coming up. Dianna had a doctors appointment and they were going to find out what their Thing 3 was. Chord was beyond the point of caring. He had a son and a daughter, so now there wasn’t any reason to want one more than the other. He’d be happy with another girl or another boy, now he’d just have to wait to find out what they were going to have.

After making everyone, he ate with his family then got the twins ready, giving them both a bath before he put them in coordinating outfits and waited for Dianna to be ready so they could make their appointment in an hour. 

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